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Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement

We are committed to quality and want to ensure that you are completely confident with your newly repaired or replaced auto glass. All auto glass repair and replacement services we perform come with a warranty that is backed for as long as you own or lease the vehicle that we serviced.  This warranty is non-transferable.

Our auto glass warranty covers all of the following items:

  • Air leaks, water leaks or noises around the repaired or replaced auto glass
  • Molding retention or other molding issues around the repaired or replaced glass
  • Manufacturer defects with the repaired or replaced auto glass for the first 60 days

Warranty Process
Your automobile glass is warrantied in normal use against leaks and damage due to improper installation.  If you have any problems with your repair or replacement, please contact us so we can promptly correct the issue(s).

If you get a stone chip on your new windshield within 1 year of our service, please contact us to schedule an appointment for windshield repair. We always try to work with our clients.

Windshield Repair
Windshield (stone chip) repair is guaranteed to restore the strength of the damaged glass for 1 full year from the date of purchase. If the repaired area cracks or further enlarges under warranty period, we will credit you the cost of the repair towards a *new windshield replacement.

Warranty Limitations
Auto glass damage resulting from vehicle collision, auto theft, vandalism, owner negligence and natural disaster is specifically excluded from this auto glass repair and replacement warranty.

Leaks or damage caused by pre-existing damage to the window frame or pre-existing rust on the window frame are also excluded.

*discounted from NAGS retail list price, to be applied before or in lieu of any other cash, wholesale, or coupon discounts.


We are here for to provide auto glass chip repairs and replacement glass for all vehicle makes and models.